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We Inspire and Motivate

Learning to become more creative will change your future

Passion is necessary to continue

Enhancing creative process thinking
through educational programs

Idea Resource Systems has been a leader in educational consulting, internships and study abroad programs over a half century.


Idea Resource Systems strives to develop students who are equipped with creative thinking skills. Solutions stem from creative thinkers who are innovative and are aware of the challenges they face in a globalized market.

We create programs and educational content specifically related to the needs of the participants  giving them more opportunities for a better and successful future in regards to work and life. 

  • Educational Consulting
  • Business Consulting
  • Educational Content Development, Internships, Study Abroad Programs
  • Marketing & Marketing Research
  • Locate Speakers, Suppliers and Venues
  • Create Workshops and Lectures
  • Arrange logistics: Accommodations and Transportation
  • Staffing: Translators, Mediators, Assistants and Program Coordinators

Connecting with professionals

Idea Resource Systems - Company Visits

Participants will have the opportunity to engage with leading industry professionals in their innovative, inspiring and unique workspaces.


Idea Resource Systems - Seminars

Participants will engage with creative mentors, educators and business people through seminars that encourage questions, opinions and critical thinking.


Idea Resource Systems - Workshops

Participants will learn by doing! Through workshops that focus on actual end products many of our participants find the workshops most challenging but also more rewarding. They take ideas and from those create real products and services then present ideas to an actual audience of peers and professionals with critical and informative feedback.

Enhance creative process thinking through educational programs

Our approach

Our key concept is to provide the opportunities to “learn from professionals in the front lines”. Students will visit, engage and learn from influential companies in the area. Idea Resource Systems offers consulting and research services for companies and educational institutions. Idea Resource Systems’ staffs are passionate about educating young people to become their full potential through creative thinking workshops and lectures striving to develop critical thinking skills and a more globalized vision for young people.

Our team

Idea Resource System team is fully bilingual English/Japanese and Japanese/English and have vast overseas experience. All the staff enjoy working with new clients and are ready to accept new challenges related to program development with clients from any country or cultural background. All staff are experienced with educational programming,  internships and study abroad.

We’ve helped companies discover and grow by inventing a truly individualized approach to growth. Your success story starts here.
Idea Resource Systems - Testimonials1

The app developing workshop was amazing. I learned to communicate my ideas and never to be afraid of sharing ideas.

Idea Resource Systems - Testimonials2

The improv session has taught me to be comfortable on safe. We did this really fun exercise where we all helped each other make an improvised machine.

Idea Resource Systems - Testimonials3

Game developing seminar taught me to use all my experiences to create game levels and that just being a programmer isn’t enough. I have to think of art and design as well.

Idea Resource Systems - Testimonials4

The creative seminars inspired me to challenge myself and think outside of the box. The speakers struggle and success stories gave me hope and motivation to dream big and make it bigger.

Idea Resource Systems - Testimonial5

My week-long experience in Los Angeles was the most eye-opening experience in my life. Not only did I encounter the most talented and successful artists but it gave me the opportunity to grow my network and become a liaison between the US and Japan.

Idea Resource Systems - Testimonials6

I would’ve never been able to meet and engage with the renowned designers I met through the Idea Resource System Program if I had just studied abroad on my own. This program was really customized to my needs and I’ve never learned so much in just 7 days.

Idea Resource Systems - Testimonials8

Everyone has great stories to tell. I will spread out the good stories to my friends.

Idea Resource Systems - Testimonials8

My goal is to study English to communicate directory with speakers next time I visit to States.

We empower our students through workshops and experiential learning with mentors from  leading firms that embody the definition of creativity, innovation and passion. The students finish with that “AH-HA!” idea and are ready to inspire them at whatever creative job or task they will engage with.

Deliver AHAH! Moments
Passion drives us
Treat everyone with equality
Justice Prevails
Honesty creates discussion
Transparency creates trust
Trust creates lifelong relationships
Relationships foster friendship
Friendship builds integrity
Integrity is reflected in our programs and service

We have helped numbers of schools, colleges, companies and individual clients providing the educational opportunities and coaching programs.


We touched over 18,000 students who have passed our ideas onto the Japanese society and the globalized market. We continue to grow these numbers for the future of our global society.

Idea Coaching
Idea Resource Systems has worked in collaboration and partnership with businesses of various industries from pharmaceuticals to toys both in the United States as well as our overseas clients. In our support of developing educational content for our study program Idea Resource Systems has developed a collaborative relationship with many educational institutions throughout the United States and Japan. We focus on the development of educational tours, internships and study abroad tours.
USA Institutions Otis College of Art and Design / Art Center College of Design / University of California, Los Angeles / University of Southern California / University of West Florida US Companies Denny’s / McDonalds / Baskin Robbins / Paul Rand / Mitsui / Computer Imagine Japanese Institutions Tokyo Design Technology Center / Keio University / Waseda University / Tokyo Film Center School of Arts /  Tokyo School of Music Japanese Companies / Dentsu / Hakuhodo / Eisai / Dai Nippon Printing / Shiseido Cosmetics

We will develop a personalized plan to increase growth and make your business a Success.

Idea Resourse Systems
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